EMDR, Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems for PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety and Depression

About Gail

EMDR Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Trauma Anxiety Denver Colorado
EMDR Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Trauma Anxiety Denver Colorado

Gail Dawson is a multifaceted clinician and educator, driven by a relentless passion to enhance the functioning of the body and mind for her patients. Dissatisfied with the psychiatric status quo, she tirelessly seeks out cutting-edge research and therapies to facilitate her patients’ journey towards wellness. Her special focus lies in helping individuals taper off psychiatric medications, particularly benzodiazepines, with the aim of promoting natural healing. We are very fortunate to have her available to help us with our medicine assisted sessions.

As a member of the Colorado Coalition for Prescription Drug Abuse, Gail actively contributes to the advocacy and awareness efforts surrounding safe medication practices. She frequently presents to other healthcare professionals, sharing her expertise and insights on various topics related to mental health and holistic care.

Gail holds a dual certification as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner. She earned her degrees from the University of Wyoming in 2010 and the University of Northern Colorado in 2017, respectively.

In addition to her extensive qualifications, Gail has pursued specialized certifications in functional medicine from the Kalish Institute and the Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner program. She is also trained in Advanced Bioidentical Hormone Therapy by World Link Medical. Furthermore, she participates in Dr. Greenblatt’s Psychiatry Redefined program, where she actively provides peer support to fellow practitioners.

Outside her professional endeavors, Gail embraces the joys of summer by immersing herself in gardening to cultivate food and flowers. She finds tranquility and adventure in kayaking, cherishes moments with her friends and family, and shares her life with Bentley, her lively Australian Shepherd companion.

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Meet our prescriber Gail Dawson. She is an independent business and appointments are scheduled by referral from us