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Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic psychotherapy is an umbrella term for therapies that center on the mind-body connection. The term “somatic” means “relating to the body.”

Using special techniques, we help you release any pent-up trauma that has become “trapped” in your body.

Somatic therapy is rooted in somatic psychology, a body-oriented approach to psychology. Somatic therapies work by addressing the feedback loop that continually runs between the mind and the body.

Somatic therapy is different from traditional psychotherapy (talk therapy). In regular psychotherapy, the practitioner engages only the mind. In somatic therapy, the body is the foundational point for healing.

We know that a person’s negative emotions — such as those experienced during a traumatic event — can stay locked inside the body, which is meant to be a protective future mechanism. The most common emotional reactions are anxiety, fear, anger, along with a variety of negative behaviors.

If not released, these negative emotions can turn into psychological disorders or physical problems, such as neck or back pain. Chronic pain is very commonTrusted Source among people who’ve been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We use mind-body techniques to release the pent-up tension that’s weighing on your emotional and physical well-being. These techniques involve movement prompted by these emotional reactions, as central nervous releases.

EMDR Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Trauma Anxiety Denver Colorado
EMDR Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Trauma Anxiety Denver Colorado

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